At Miami Dips our approach to each vehicle is different and unique like our customers and the vehicles . A one size fits all approach will never help you achieve the vision in mind for your car, we work together with every customer to find the right color and the right finish for your vehicle.

Our goal is your vision.

We provide unique custom solutions, tailored to you, your car, your color, and your one of a kind challenge. Here at Miami Dips we use a blend of the best products around and years of experience to ensure we always provide a great finish job on every vehicle.


It would be our pleasure to work on all kinds and types of vehicles.

What can Miami Dips do to help you reach your vision?



What We Do

Here at Miami Dips we offer special protective 100% peelable coatings for all vehicles. Using our expertise we carefully mix and spray your vehicle with our proprietary spray guns creating a one of a kind look for every client.

These coatings allow you to style your vehicle with the colors you want while also offering a unique look by coating body panels, emblems, badges, grills, and disc brake calipers. It also protects your factory paint, by allowing you to peel off the product and see your beautiful factory paint unharmed.

Our services are available

a la carte so you can get precisely what

you need to make your vehicle look exactly how you want.